SFC’s Grow Local Fall Resource Give-Away Day Thursday, September 17th, 2015

27 Aug
This fall’s Resource Give-Away Day will take place at the Baha’i Center, located at 2215 E M Franklin Ave, Austin, TX 78723, on Thursday, September 17th.

As usual, the event will be divided into two shifts.

Shift 1) 1:30-4pm

Shift 2) 4:30-7pm

Participants will not be able to take materials before or between shifts.

Please bring buckets, bags or a truck to transport your compost and a small container for fertilizer. We also recommend bringing cardboard boxes to transport plants as well as a shovel so that you do not have to wait in line to shovel compost.

Resource Give-Away Days depend on volunteers for their success. If you are interested in volunteering during the event, please call or email me by Friday, September 11th at 512-220-1083 or at katie@sustainablefoodcenter.org.

Kind regards,

Katie Pace, Grow Local Education Coordinator


FBCG and Durantas

21 Aug


FBCG and Grapevines-Gorgeous

21 Aug

FBCG_Grapevines_081315_04 FBCG_Grapevines_081315_03 FBCG_081315_Grapevines_01

Water Hose Safety and Care at Festival Beach

21 Aug


Please keep water hoses rolled up for the safety of fellow gardeners. This will prevent falls and as well, extends the life of the hose, which might otherwise be sliced by a lawn mower. Also, please do not leave water hoses running while you attend to other matters in the garden. Once distracted, this increases the likelihood of wasted water.

It takes a village to protect a garden! Hope you have a great weekend.

Work Days are Central to Running a Community Garden! Mark your Calendars for Upcoming Dates :)

12 Aug

Hi FBCG Gardeners,

Work days are central to our garden’s success and critical to the communal areas. Work days are fun and a way to meet other gardeners. Working communal areas is a shared responsibility; when not completing 2 hours of labor for the month, the gardener must pay $20.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming dates!

  • September 12 – Communal Plot
  • October  10- Orchard
  • November 14 – Accessibility
  • December  12 – Tea-ching Garden/ Herb

See you then.

Festival Beach Community Garden: Gotta Love Zinnias!

11 Aug

FBCG_Zinnias_080515_01 FBCG_Zinnias_080515_02

FBCG Work Days Until the Next Work Day

11 Aug

A lot of work was accomplished this past Saturday, August 8. Thanks to everyone who came out. Special thanks to the Grapes and Berry Team for stepping in to lead this workday, due to last minute scheduling problems.

Need work hours for August? The following tasks need attention. Be sure and note your time worked in the binder:

  • The front fence line around the grape and berry plants always needs weeding
  • There are plants in the swale with pink flags that need weeding and mulching.  Check with Alec to know if she needs them watered
  • Clear weeds under trees and mulch the area
  • Pull grape vines off trees in section B
  • Help Julio in the community garden.  He can probably suggest about two weeks worth of work.

Mary Kleypas


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